Investment Philosophy

We are in the midst of an economic shift to a new economy that is resilient, regenerative, inclusive and in service for all stakeholders.

Purposeful companies actively seeking capital to solve the world’s most pressing environmental and social problems coincides with investors’ desire to make conscience investments – aligning their money with their values. Investors want to engage in the investments they make, while company founders seek capital that doesn’t require them to relinquish equity or control over their company.

At Montcalm Capital, we have created a fund that will shift the paradigm, allowing our portfolio companies to thrive without their stakeholders sacrificing equity, vision or control.

Investment Process

We work with companies to provide them with flexible capital that best aligns with their stage of development and business needs. Each portfolio company undergoes rigorous institutional due diligence followed by a highly customized process of deal structuring.

We favor investments structured with corporate debt securities. Our portfolio companies thrive from the competitive cost of capital without sacrificing equity or control. Our investors benefit from expected, competitive returns from companies solving the world’s most critical challenges, while paying no management or administration fees. We recognize that equity investment structures can also be beneficial depending on the company stage and needs, and our fund structure allows us this flexibility when suitable. Our goal is to deliver investing and capital markets back to the basics — a transaction between two people where both parties win while making a positive impact on the world.


Holly Ruxin


Holly began her career at Goldman Sachs in the fixed income derivatives division, where she developed an expert understanding of securities, complex derivatives, fixed income, and risk management. She transitioned to private wealth management and continued to build a 20-year career at Morgan Stanley, Montgomery Securities and Bank of America. Holly developed a passion for deep engagement and authentic relationship with her private clients, and in 2012, she founded her own wealth management firm, Montcalm TCR. While working to fulfill her vision of truly diversified, transparent, and customized client portfolios, Holly discovered a need for more private investments with a broader range of terms. Montcalm Capital’s operating philosophy reflects Montcalm TCR’s mission to provide beneficial investment opportunities for clients by blending new economy sustainability, deep financial expertise and independent vision.

David Cooper


David Cooper has 20 years of experience directing the acquisition, financing, ownership, and disposition of early-stage companies. David brings a deep knowledge of equity transactions including due diligence, structuring, closing, and operational management. He has a track record of profitable impact investing, strategic advising, and has long-standing relationships with key industry participants in multi-cycle finance, growth, and disposition. David leads business development, alternative asset finance, and impact due diligence. He and the Montcalm team create offerings that match risk with returns and reconnect investors with the performance of the companies they invest in. David selects companies in need of growth financing that make a positive impact in the world – without sacrificing returns.

Robert H. Hambrecht

Capital Markets

Bob is an experienced finance professional with 25 years of experience specializing in equity capital markets, investment banking and project finance, including due diligence, drafting of documents, sales and marketing, and follow-on research. Bob adds rigor to Montcalm Capital’s vetting and diligence process as it identifies and evaluates investment opportunities. In addition, he has been working to bring renewable energy and impact investment opportunities to market.

Howard Cohen

Operations and Direction

Howard Cohen oversees Operations and Direction at Montcalm. He is our energetic fire-tender with an intuitive sense of when to add fuel or when to coax the embers to glow a little warmer. His support of the whole team creates lasting systems and processes, enabling us to continuously improve our high standard of service to our clients.

Howard is a seasoned Executive Producer, artist manager and business development professional with three decades of experience working with clients and professionals in the music and technology industries. He is also a devoted and health-conscious granddad.



CLEARAS is the leading provider of advanced, sustainable wastewater treatment technologies. CLEARAS provides a non-chemical and cost-effective way to meet or exceed government wastewater discharge mandates resulting in cleaner wastewater and healthier waterways. The resulting byproduct, algae, is upcycled into bioplastics for consumer products.

Montcalm Capital Fund

The Montcalm Capital Fund I LP pursues investments in inspiring companies that create value and well-being for people and the planet. The Fund invests across five sectors: water, clean energy, women, food and health.

Healthy Choices Made Simple

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The sectors we invest in:



Sustainable, technological solutions to critical environmental challenges around clean water.



Healing the land and oceans and providing sustainable nourishment through pioneering solutions to our food system.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy

Smart, non-extractive energy solutions that regenerate our planet.



Female founded companies developing sustainable solutions to our planet’s most pressing challenges and companies benefitting women.



Improving the health and livelihood of our planet's inhabitants.

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