About The Montcalm Capital Fund

The Montcalm Capital Fund is transforming the flow of capital to provide prosperity for all stakeholders. Today’s companies are actively solving our world’s most pressing environmental and social problems while investors are seeking ways to align their money with their values. We are healing the economy through investments that prioritize well-being, collaboration and regeneration in five sectors: clean energy, water, women, food and health.

The Fund will generally provide companies with flexible debt-oriented capital at lower costs, for longer terms, and without the restrictive governance structure of venture capital.

Debt-oriented securities offer companies the latitude to fully achieve their growth goals and investors a regular cash flow. The Fund also enables a wider range of investors to have access to private market opportunities. Each portfolio company undergoes rigorous institutional due diligence followed by a highly customized deal structuring process.

Montcalm Capital’s goal is to ensure a win-win scenario where the investors, the company and the planet benefit. The Fund is structured as a Series LP, which allows investors to choose to participate in the offerings that best align with their investment goals.

Investors will purchase PDNs in the Fund, providing investors with annual cash flows. Returns are tied to the performance of the portfolio companies and their revenues. Montcalm Capital’s investment should allow the portfolio companies to generate ample cash flows from their project pipeline to achieve return expectations.


Our first fund investment is in CLEARAS Water Recovery.